Homebound: Top Ten Ways to Make a Quality time out of a Quarantine

It's Corona Time and not in a good way.  With quarantines, self-quarantines and the general WFH vibe in the air, we've come up with a list of ways to make the most and the best of this peculiar downtime. 

  1. Clean your closet. Don't roll your eyes.  You've wanted to forever and now is literally the best time on earth to do it.  You have too many jeans. You've never even worn those yoga pants. Cleaning your closet doesn't mean stuffing a green-bag full of clothes; it means prioritizing what you need and what you don't,  For the things that you don't need, there are multiple ways to rid including donating, selling to a marketplace and selling directly. Closet Organize
  2. Organize your tax information. I know, this sounds horrible, this is literally the perfect time to get it over with (if you haven't already). I know. Read on, they get better. Personal Taxes
  3. Bake. Place orders on amazon right now (or take proper precautions and go to the store).  It's still technically winter. Make some chocolate chip cookies. Brownies. Something that makes you feel cozy and safe. If you want tips on how to make award-winning cookies, message us. Our Cofounder has won awards for hers (but her recipe is closely guarded).Baking Cookies
  4. Clean out your kitchen cabinets (sorry, but I mean, while the food is baking...why not).  You will die (not literally) over the amount of expired goods you will find and the amount of stuff you do not need. You will be inspired to cook at home. Maybe.  Doesn't this pantry seem almost too good to eat out of? Kitchen Organization
  5. Plank.  Woah, what?  Yes. Plank. Do it for 60 seconds. Then do it again a few hours later.  If you do it 5 times in a day you will have planked for 5 minutes (crazy math skills, I know).  But you can't just bake and eat all day.  If planking is not for you, try a new arm or leg exercise. Focus on one body part each day. Plank
  6. Download TikTok.  Don't blame me.  Do thank me. It's hilarious (and oddly informative). You will be wow'd by how funny and creative people are.  Oh, and if you are over 30, you will feel very very old.  (follow @thesolemates) TikTok
  7. Catch up on a streaming series.  Have you seen YOU? It's dead scary. The Morning Show? It's very good. Watch an old series from start to finish. Have you seen The West Wing? It's sort of nerdy and sort of self-righteous and for people sub 35, it feels like a serious time warp; but there are so many great story arcs. Streaming
  8. Read a magazine. So, I was specific because I think there is something wonderful about holding a glossy magazine. The articles are so well written but they offer enough content to make them worth reading while short enough to keep them to one sitting. Take the time to sit and read something that is not online (after this blog, of course). Reading a magazine
  9. Meditate.  I mean. I don't, but I wish I did.  Maybe I'll use this time to practice. I think they say that instead of "try". Meditate
  10. Make an effort to be calm and make the best of this peculiar time. 


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