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How It Works

What are Solemates High Heelers ®?

Solemates are heel protectors that are designed to prevent stilettos from sinking into the grass.  

They are mechanically engineered to increase the surface area on the bottom of the heel to dissipate the pressure.  They have a patented, hour glass shape, that grips the heels and a proprietary crystal clear, flexible material that allows for the product to move easily with the shoe. 

1) How do I know what size I need?

Most heels fit well into the Classic size. Try the classic and if it is too big, try the Narrow. If it is too small, move to the Wide.

To use the Size Chart:

  • Hold the bottom of your heel up to the shapes to determine which size is needed.
  • The heel should cover the entire shape (gray area).
  • The fit should be snug, and the product should not spin or be loose on the heel.
  • The heel should “click” into the base of the Solemates High Heeler®, and the word Solemates should face behind you.

Because it is made of a flexible plastic, it’s a good idea to warm the product up in your hand before its first use. Roll it around in the palm of your hand or blow on it. This will make it more pliable and easier to use.

2) How long does the Solemates High Heeler ® last?

Completely reusable & can be cleaned with warm water. Overtime, you may notice it stretches out. At that point, it should be replaced.

3) Can I wear the Solemates High Heeler ® on different heels?

Yes, you may use the Solemates High Heeler ® on different heels, just be sure to always check the fit to make sure it’s snug

4) Will it make my heels look funny/ugly?

In grass, the product is virtually invisible. Outside of the grass, it’s very hard to notice on your heel. You will feel the difference, however.

5) Does the Solemates High Heeler ® work on sand?

If it’s firmly packed sand then it will help, but if the sand is soft & fluffy, the front of the shoe will sink into the sand (so you should probably consider going barefoot).

6) Can I use it on glittery or jeweled heels?

You can, but you should be gentle when putting it on and taking it off as to not damage the material of the heel (don’t yank it off).

7) Do you offer bulk discounts?

We offer large quantity discounts (orders of 50 pairs or more).

Please email or call us and we'll work with you to suit your needs. /877 356 3443.

8) Why does the Solemates High Heeler ® work?

We are the original and best selling heel protector because we use a patented and innovative "hour glass" design as well as a proprietary custom material that is unique to our brand. The special design 'grips' the heel while allowing for natural movement.

Other Product Questions

9) Can I use the Blister Blocker if I already have a blister?

You should not use the Blister Blocker on broken skin (for that, you should use an anti-bacterial ointment and bandage). You should use the Blister Blocker to prevent irritation. It’s best to use the Blister Blocker as a method against forming blisters, and you should use it early and often.

Ordering & Shipping Questions

10) What stores carry Solemates?

A list of retailers carrying Solemates can be found here. You may also email us to inquire about a local store carrying Solemates near you.

11) What is the status of my order? How will I know when my order ships?

You will receive an order confirmation email once we receive your order, and then you will receive another email alerting you that the order has shipped including your tracking number. Orders are processed within 24 hours (orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed on Monday or the next business day). You may always email us to check on the status of your order if you do not have your tracking (

12) What if I need to return / exchange?

Email us @ and we are happy to facilitate a return or exchange. Our complete return policy can be found here.

13) Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship globally.

For shipping estimates, please input your shipping address into the shopping cart and you will be given shipping options & associated time and costs.