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The Problem: My high heels sink into the grass or sand when I attend outdoor summer parties.

The Solution: Ingenious SoleMates slip over your heels to keep you grounded on all kinds of soft surfaces. They'll also keep you safe from ankle-twisting, ego-bruising altercations with sidewalk grates and cobblestones all year round.

Whether at an outdoor wedding or pounding the pavement, these clever (and discreet) attachments fit snugly onto stilettos to keep you from sinking into the grass or ruining your heels.

Sink in the grass? Protect stilettoes with clever plastic heel-covers called SoleMates                                                                          

Protecting high heels in soft, wet ground is easy with plastic covers, which can be considered party favors. They are sold in clear or black and are reusable. They may be ordered in large quantities at a bridal discount...

Buy heel protectors so your shoes don’t sink into the grass or get ruined by cobblestones.                                                                             

Solemates heel protectors. If part of your wedding will be outdoors, these will keep lady guests' heels from sinking in the dirt.

The duo have sold more than 100,000 pairs of their Solemates brand cap. Oprah Winfrey's O magazine called the concept "ingenious"...

Don't you hate when your shoes get stuck in the grass? Slide these on before you walk on the lawn for pictures: they'll keep you above ground!

A must have for outdoor weddings, these stop your heels from sinking into the ground.                                                                      

The best way to save your heels is with Solemates. Solemates fit snugly & discreetly on most heels and are made from flexible material to prevent damaging your shoes.

The happy couple goofed off with the bridal party, who were given Solemates heel protectors to keep their pumps from sinking into grass.

Finally, a solution for wearing heels to outdoor weddings! SoleMates High Heelers attach to most narrow heels and prevent your shoes from sinking in grass or between cobblestones. Bonus: they come in black or clear, so you can strut your stuff without sacrificing your style.

If you want to wear stilettos for your outdoor wedding, slip on heel protectors. Walking down the aisle without tripping is hard enough, so make your life easier with these little guys. They increase the surface of the base of the heel, so you won’t sink into the grass.

Parce qu’il fait la jambe nerveuse, race, longue, façon pouliche! De circonstance donc. Pour être pile dans la tendance, on le choisit pointu et décale, dore ou strasse.

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