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What are Solemates?

Solemates are heel protectors.

Left uncovered, heels will sink into grass or quickly become damaged because of bricks, cobblestones, grates or decks.



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What causes heel damage?

Bricks, Cobblestones, Sidewalks, Wooden Decks, Street Grates

How do Solemates work?

Solemates work by increasing the surface area on the bottom of the heel. The larger surface area dissipates the pressure and allows for the heel to maintain itself above the grass. The larger surface area shields the heel from becoming stuck or jammed in an uneven surface.
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How do I know what size I need?

Most heels fit well into the Classic size. Try the classic and if it is too big, try the Narrow. If it is too small, move to the Wide.

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That Sinking Feeling

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That Sinking Feeling

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