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Solemates High Heeler®: Heel Protector


The original, patented, and best way to protect your high heels, the Solemates High Heeler® is mechanically engineered to prevent heels from sinking into the grass.  By increasing the surface area on the bottom of the heel (in a discreet and elegant way), the pressure is dissipated and you can walk across unsupportive or uneven surfaces with ease. 

  • Prevents high heels from sinking into grass
  • Protects on cobblestones, bricks, grates, and wooden decks
  • Prevents damage to antique floors and woven carpets
  • Preserves shoes (Keeps them - and you, looking great)
  • Perfect for weddings, outdoor events, and everyday use
  • Reusable
  • Made in USA


  • One pair packaged per box
  • Available in 3 sizes (Narrow, Classic, Wide)
  • Available in 4 colors (Clear, Gold, Silver, Black)
  • Height: slightly more than one inch; Width: slightly less than one inch at base 

Solemates Size Guide from Solemates.